When Nikki Loney Asks to Podcast You, Say Yes.

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^^^^ That is Faith, the official feline of Full Voice Music. She’s awesome. I used her as the featured image because I knew she would make incredible click bait for all you cat lovahs!

When the Universe tells you to do something, you should do it.

Being a naturally skeptical person, I like to try to deny this, but then God gets all up in my grill and shows me once again that there is a plot that I am responsible for commiserating in so that God can work God’s magic.

At the beginning of June, The SpeakEasy Cooperative was but a wee babe. It soft-launched in March, under strict orders from Sharon Amanda over at Path 42, to “get off thine bum.”

“Bum” because British. (I think what really motivated me, though, was the accent. That, and our affinity of Battlestar Galactica and Star Trek.)

Armed with a mile long task list and the shiny new mantra “Done is better than perfect” (OMG THANK YOU SHARON!!), the soft-launch deadline was met, and members joined immediately. Note: It’s pretty damn terrifying encouraging to find out you are not the only one who thinks your idea is good. So guess what? Get on that.  Don’t worry, you’ll have help. Promise.

It’s pretty damn terrifying, er, encouraging to find out you are not the only one who thinks your idea is good. So guess what? Get on that.

Universe juice was splashing all over the place, and within short order, several opportunities arose to do fancy things.

One fancy thing was being chosen to participate in the NATS Internship Program that was hosted this year in Toronto, Canada. Another fancy thing was near-Toronto-based Nikki Loney from The Full Voice joined The SpeakEasy Cooperative, and we got to working together to level up her incredible Full Voice Workbook series.

Knowing I was headed to Toronto, Nikki and I got in cahoots. I decided to arrive early so we could make trouble. And we did.

Part one of our troublemaking was recording a podcast together.
Part two was Nikki insisting that I go all official with the business coaching I do.

Some of you know I’ve been business coaching for years.

For reasons best left for another post, up until now, I haven’t chosen to go all official in the same way that I have with the voice & acting studio. Business clients have come through conversation and word of mouth, just as singing/acting/speaking clients did before the studio went official.

Welp, here we are. It’s time to go official. In addition to The SpeakEasy Cooperative, faithculturekiss studio for voice & acting is now officially offering coaching services for businesses that have their tentacles in artistic ventures. To show that I am serious, I added Terms & Conditions to this here site. And the copy for the business coaching webpage is under construction.

You can even call my bluff by booking a discovery session:
Schedule Appointment

So there’s the proof that I’m slowly but surely getting all official.

Hey! I hope it’s as much fun for you to listen to this podcast, as it was for us to record it. Click the image to get to The Full Voice website page. If you teach kiddos, definitely take a gander at the incredible resources Nikki provides. I swear by her workbooks… and they work well for beginning adults as well!

Full Voice Podcasts 36.

If you prefer to jump right to the Soundcloud page, CLICK HERE.

Better yet, subscribe to Nikki’s podcast on iTunes: CLICK HERE.

There are more to come… what would YOU like to hear us yak on about?

Leave your comments below!

Oh! If you are curious about The SpeakEasy Cooperative, you can find out all about it and sign up here.

That’s a thing I just made up. See?? FANCY THINGS.

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