It feels really great to know that our people are being cared for by…

not us.

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One of my sweet spots is training teams and leading groups via presentations, workshops, and training events.

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In fact, I enjoy it so much, that I’ve got a special appointment just for us to discuss how I can best serve you and your people.

From presentations to workshops, to multi-day trainings, I’ve got you covered.

Are you a

  • school/university/college?
  • Organization?
  • Multi-Teacher Studio?

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For Masterclasses,

I’ve thought outside the studio-box (because who needs a bunch of comments without context, amiright?)

There is something exceptionally powerful about having a fellow voice professional come and tell your students the exact same thing that you’ve been telling them for a year, and have them hear it for once.

This is my favorite part about leading a Masterclass. Getting to back you up, support your work, offering new language to share with your student, so you both move forward.

As a more experienced teacher, you know that much of what I’ll say will line up with what you say.

As a less experienced teacher, you know that much of what I say will inform what you say in the future.

I take these responsibilities very seriously.

A Masterclass with me is different – yes, I know, they all say that.

Seriously though. It is.

When you book a Masterclass with me, here’s what’s included:

  • 30-45 minute “Hey whattcha want?!” call for you and I to hone in what you’d like to see in the class, where you think I can bring the best to your students, and any expectations you have for the class.
  • Each student brings their “Most Annoying 60 seconds” -whether it’s part of a song, or a monologue, we work what each participant wants another set of eyes and ears on.
  • Each student fills out a short form letting me know what they want from their 20-or-so minutes and what they’d like to be different by the end of their time.
  • Introduction and ice-breaking activities to bring maximum comfort for growth
  • Q&A! We always wanna know why a teacher does what they do! Let’s talk about it!
  • 30-60 minute Follow Up Call with YOU the teacher: Anything ya wanna clarify
  • Two weeks of email follow-up for you and your students to get further clarification.

The entire package from top to bottom is $700. Most masterclasses last between ninety minutes and three hours. We will discuss what is best for your studio on your call.

You’ll see this call is $100. This $100 is applied toward the balance due at time of service.

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Last but certainly not least,

I’m a Gallup Certified CliftonStrengths coach.

And whoa oh whoa, do I believe in this personal and personnel development tool.

I specialize in using the CliftonStrengths to build teams and increase management skills in multi-teacher studios and other organizations.

This work is bespoke and requires a thorough meeting and proposal process.

Please reach out to my team at with the subject line “CliftonStrengths for my team” to begin the process.

Boop on over here to learn more about the Gallup CliftonStrengths.

I can’t wait!