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Hey, BeastyBoss Voice-Related Business Owner:

Simplify your life, reduce your effort, and
avoid mistakes, so you can diminish anxiety and increase confidence.

(without being an asshat)

FaithCultureKiss™️ Studio for Voice & Acting, LLC unequivocally supports Black, LGBTQIA+, Asian, Latinx, Native/Indigenous lives. We seek to better serve persons whose minds are Neuro-Divergent. We seek to better serve persons whose bodies have Disabilities. We commit to a company culture of diversity of thought and identity. This will lead us to become radically inclusive, so that equity permeates all we do.

If you are curious to know more about our company values, we invite you to visit the "Our Core Values" page after checkout.

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Bootleggers and Moonshiners,

come on in.

The SpeakEasy Cooperative is a brave space where you gain simplicity, confidence, and a league of SECompatriots who motivate you to ask questions and express opinions – without having to defend your expertise, skills, or techniques.

SECO members:

Love Choosing Their Own Adventure – they are ready to roll up sleeves, seek out new life and new civilizations, and boldly go where no voice business peep has gone before.

Are nerve-cited to finally be collaborative with a bunch of down-to-earth-no-pretense-ready-to-grow people who can’t wait to normalize success and celebration and share the joy of their own #sassafras.

Tell folx at cocktail parties that they “own a business” and hand over their contact details.

Do not tell folx at cocktail parties the above, but ARE SO VERY READY TO HAVE THAT KIND OF HUTZPAH, OH YES THEY ARE.

Pedagogy is one of those things that they like to live and move and have their being in – while also being pretty sure they’d like to double check they know what they’re talking about, because, like, this stuff changes FAST.

Believe that hard, honest, calling in conversations in community with courage create change in our studios, the voice field, and the world (that is a lot of C’s).

Do not believe in toxic positivity or platitudes.

Enjoy GIF’s. Like, a lot.

Sound like you? Yup, thought so.

Pull up a stool.

The SpeakEasy Cooperative for $69/mo plus $100 one-time sign up

Who’s in charge of this gin joint? Me.

Hi, I’m Michelle Markwart Deveaux.

When I’m not spending time with the fine folks in The SpeakEasy Cooperative, I run its parent company, FaithCultureKiss Studios for Voice & Acting, LLC.

I started The SpeakEasy Cooperative because I firmly, adamantly, and passionately believe:

A rising tide lifts all ships

In the old way of doing things? We voice peeps couldn’t be wrong. Couldn’t say, “I don’t know.” Couldn’t admit we needed help or advice or feedback or guidance. We had to be the expert in the room.

The new way of doing this is asking for guidance – and actually getting targeted and specific actionable plans, rather than a bunch of opinions and centering.

It’s seeing someone ask for help – and reaching out with all your wisdom and support. A way of giving back out of abundance and self-surety.

It’s joining an online voice teacher community that believes business coaching is just the beginning.

If that’s what you’re thirsting for, The SpeakEasy Cooperative is for you.

The SpeakEasy Cooperative for $69/mo plus $100 one-time sign up

Michelle front looking up

Meet the Team

Michelle Markwart Deveaux

Michelle Markwart Deveaux

Owner / Founder / BeastyBoss


Communication • Connectedness • Individualization • Significance • Restorative

Michelle Markwart Deveaux is the CEO of FaithCultureKiss Studios and Founder of The SpeakEasy Cooperative. When she’s not teaching singers, actors, podcasters, and influencers to use their voice to change the world, Michelle revels in the nitty-gritty of entrepreneurship, business shenanigans, and personal development.

She’s been featured on podcasts such a What Works, Rebel Therapist, The Women’s Advocate, Dr. Dan’s Voice Essentials, Vocal Fri, The Naked Vocalist, and The Full Voice. A frequent speaker and workshop leader, Michelle has led seminars for NATS, University of Utah, New England Conservatory, The What Works Network, and Expand Online.

BA in Music from Patten University, MA in Worship, Theology, and the Arts from Fuller Theological Seminary. Cut formal education teeth at University of Northern Colorado in Musical Theatre and Vocal Performance. Based in Rancho Cordova, CA, Michelle and her husband are raising their two amazing kiddos to be deep thinkers and strong leaders through careful study of The Fugees, Star Trek, and the MCU.

Christin Coffee Rondeau

Christin Coffee Rondeau

Community Manager / Coach


Intellection • Activator • Input • Connectedness • Relator

Christin loves pointing members toward people, resources, and information that helps them achieve their goals. She also serves as copy coach, helping members write effectively in their business-related communication. She has been a presenter for NATS and The SpeakEasy Cooperative and is a frequent guest clinician for workshops and masterclasses with independent studios.

If you like Doctor Who, The X-Files, or 90’s alternative music, you’re already her friend, even if you haven’t met yet.

Sara Campbell

Sara Campbell

CMO / Coach


Achiever • Individualization • Activator • Input • Strategic

Sara is the Chief Marketing Officer for FcK, and works in SECO as a Business Strategist, Marketing, and Mindset Coach for music studio owners and online education experts. She’s worked with hundreds of music entrepreneurs to create customized branding foundations, business plans, and marketing and social media strategies.

Sara’s been featured in Clavier Magazine, Piano Bench Mag, Upbeat Piano Teachers, and has guest blogged for numerous expert. Sara lives in Pennsylvania with her husband, her two cats Freja and Bjørn, and is really good at doing a gel manicure on her own fingernails.

Keith J Eldridge

Keith J Eldridge

Website Strategist


Connectedness • Learner • Intellection • Achiever • Relator

Keith is the website strategist for FaithCultureKiss. He is constantly looking for ways to make your online experience better at FcK and within the SECO membership area. If you’ve got questions related to the technical aspects of your membership, Keith is your go to guy.

In the USAF, he studied electrical and mechanical engineering and was the soprano section leader in the Drum and Bugle Corp during technical training.

When he’s not redesigning the website or solving your membership issues, Keith enjoys studying Yin/Yang theory, practicing and teaching Tai Chi and expanding on his original healing art at Keith Dream.

Karen Michaels

Karen Michaels

Social Media Manager


Empathy • Positivity • Activator • Ideation • Futuristic

Karen is the Social Media Manager for FcK and a long time member of SECO. You will find her bouncing around in the group chatting up voice and social media. She is a performer in Las Vegas (singing pianist and founding member of Dangerous Curves, vocal jazz trio), runs her home music studio, and is the creator of The Social Butterfly Group, a coaching and done-for-you social media and marketing agency.

The SpeakEasy Cooperative for $69/mo plus $100 one-time sign up


Features of

The SpeakEasy Cooperative Membership

The SpeakEasy Cooperative was built so that micro-business owners from every market could invest a very small percentage of monthly revenue back into their own business, education, and collaborative co-working space.

Your investment of $69 per month includes:


We’re going to get all up in your business (literally!) with our combined 40+ years of experience as teachers, managers, coaches, and mentors.

Using our combined talents and education, along with all we’ve learned from working with folks just like you, we curate and provide relevant, up-to-date, vetted content about running your voice business, big or small – and we regularly drop that wisdom into the group. Like, multiple times a week. (Oh, who am I kidding? Multiple times a day.)

Got questions about pricing, business models, and the specific judo moves you need to turn your students into the best clients a voice biz could ever hope for?

We lead you in what it takes to be productive and sane as you mentor each other to unleash your inner bootlegger/moonshiner.


The second Tuesday of the month, we offer business coaching and specific training. This is a time to dig deep into the nitty-gritty of running a business. Targeted specific training ends with a robust Q&A, so you have an opportunity to ask all the questions you need as you hone your skills.

Learn what you need to know about pricing, policies, and turning students into the best clients a teacher could hope for. Bonus: #SECOshenanigans. <–What’s that? Only SECO members get to know.


Think of this as the continuing education piece. Learn from and teach your fellow SpeakEasy Bootleggers in an interactive video setting. Post-lesson, it’s just party time. Bring your martini, mimosa, or cup of hot chocolate! Come when you can, leave when you must. There’s two per month.

Past speakers include Jacquette Timmons of Sterling Investment Management, Kenneth Bozeman of “Practical Vocal Acoustics”, Mary Saunders Barton of “Bel Canto Can Belto”, Lynne Somerman of Lynne Somerman Financial, Wendy LeBorgne of The Vocal Athlete, and Meribeth Dayme (She is with us, always.)

Topics of past VCBs include “Canva for the Clueless”, “Triple Turns to Triple Threats”, “How to Effectively Co-Teach”, “Alignment vs. Posture in the Singer”, “Branding Basics”… and you’ll get access to these, and over 100 other Tuesday Trainings and VCBs, too!!


Unlike other subscription memberships, where the admin team shows up once in while and isn’t accessible to the organization, SECO has limited 1:1 coaching slots available to book with the SECO Business Coaching team.

Join Michelle for 1:1 Strategy, Financial, and/or CliftonStrengths, Sara for Marketing and Tech, and Christin for Copywriting, or any of us for general business planning at exclusive inside SECO rates.

Or, join us for our monthly group coaching experience! This opportunity is created specifically for those who need some face-to-face time and some wiggle room in the investment.


All that continuing education I just spoke of? We record it and it then is housed in a library in the Member’s Only Dashboard of our website. Use the robust search feature to self-curate your learning experience, or simply scroll to choose your own adventure.

On the Members Dashboard, you can book coaching sessions with the team (for a reduced fee!), browse the events and add events to your own calendar, manage your account, and more!


SECO is always open! This is where we dig deep and get to work. Our very own Slack workspace* lets us have multiple ongoing conversations. Ask questions, post article PDFs, join the book club, attend open studios, and share our own videos. This portion of our online voice teacher community gives everybody a break from social media without leaving the collaboration behind.

This paid interface allows for curation of topics, conversations, and resources that few platforms can. YOU WILL LURV IT.

*Do you have no idea what Slack is? Don’t worry, we’ll teach you!


The Lobby is for saying hello and how-do-you-do and all that jazz. Um, yes, pun totally intended. Not open to the public.

Bring your GIFs.


A society of folks with buy-in, ready to invest in growing each other, and offer their expertise.

Honest advice, no judgment, all love.

People who choose to learn to get you, get your goals, share your goals, and have been there to tell you that you can too.

Being an entrepreneur is lonely. Being an indy voice person is lonely. Put that together and it’s a lot of lonely. The research behind what happens when groups come together for a common goal and mission is clearer than Pepsi circa 1992.

The SpeakEasy Cooperative for $69/mo plus $100 one-time sign up


  • Impassioned. Focused. Unstoppable.

    Christin Coffee Rondeau

  • Confident, motivating, Creative

    Elizabeth Barry

  • She is uniquely qualified to share business advice with members of our community.

  • Illuminating + Little bit o' soul searching + Intense

    Shannon Coates

  • Technical, yet deeply artistic approach

    Marilyn Harang

  • Empowering, fun, mind blowing

    Amanda Kaiser

  • No nonsense teacher. Blunt and honest.

    Jamie Landrum

The SpeakEasy Cooperative for $69/mo plus $100 one-time sign up

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