Our Core Values:

The SpeakEasy Cooperative is a USA-based company with an international team and international membership. While we strive to use language accessible to all our members, we don’t know what we don’t know, and become confusing. Please do not hesitate to let us know if something is lost in translation or if you need help understanding something.

We invite you to learn more about our company values by reading below.


Believe the best in people.

  • Here, we assume the best, which means even when folks irk us six ways from Sunday, we take a breath and remember we are all doing our best.
  • When folks fail, we forgive.
  • Sure, there are a lot of asshats out there. I know some of them personally. We address these moments with firm boundaries and kindness.

Impact is imperative.

  • When our time on this planet is over, FaithCultureKiss™️ Studios and its DBA’s will look back and see how tiny seeds grew to be firmly planted trees.
  • We will see movement in our own lives toward justice and equity for all who have systematically been denied wealth, power, safety, and self-nurturing.
  • Our impact will take many forms. Some seasons, it will look like a pebble in a puddle. Other seasons, it will look like a phoenix rising out of ashes.

When we are laughing we are learning.

  • Blessed are those who laugh at themselves, for they will never cease to be amused. Enough said.
  • For realsies, tho. There are numerous reports and studies (with large Ns) on how comedy positively affects learning and retention, as well as creates a psychological readiness to digest and be informed about hard topics, such as politics, racism, bigotry, decisions making etc. (Henderson, S 2015, Carlson, K. 2011, Long, J. A., Jeong, M. S., & Lavis, S. M. 2020, Young and Tisinger, 2006 to name a few)

Personal responsibility is power.

  • We believe in owning our faults and moving on quickly.
  • While others use responsibility as a shame and blame tactic, we use responsibility as a way to hand over power, teach others to operate bravely in their zone of genius, and build trust.
  • We admit failures quickly and celebrate successes loudly.

Integrity is our guiding light.

  • We will not settle for only using sound bites, surface conversation, memes and gifs (although we LOVE these) as a replacement for critical thinking.
  • We will not teach black-hat, lies of omission, or opaque and control-stealing marketing and/or sales tactics.
  • We will call others in to their best selves – asking the questions that others will shy away from and inviting growth past comfort zones.
  • We choose self awareness, however painful it may be, so that we are responding with care to the traumas in ourselves in order to invite others to respond to traumas in themselves.

Intention is our driving force.

  • We commit to strive for thoughtfulness in every choice, while modeling decisiveness. We understand that decisiveness comes from willingness to not need to know or control outcomes.
  • Where others will be rushed and distracted, we will strive for consistency and focus.
  • We will spend our time creating resources for and with leaders – whether they lead in their local community or on an international stage.
  • We will spend our resources inviting education from diverse perspectives and life circumstances.
  • We will spend our money supporting vendors in marginalized people groups.

Income is our desired outcome.

  • Hand someone a fish, and they eat for a day. Teach them to fish, and they eat for a lifetime.
  • We know that money is a tool to bring change, so we want to make enough of it to make big change.

We commit to a company culture of diversity of thought and identity.

  • We unequivocally support Black, LGBTQIA+/Queer, Asian, Latinx, Native/Indigenous lives. We seek to better serve persons whose minds are Neuro-Divergent. We seek to better serve persons whose bodies have Disabilities. This will lead us to become radically inclusive, so that equity permeates all we do.
  • We are committed to the long haul. We commit to doing the consistent, important work it takes to unlearn our prejudices against gender, sexuality, and bodies that do not look like our own. We work to become anti-racist in our beliefs and behaviors, and usher forth justice to all people groups who are systemically oppressed and targeted. As we continue to acknowledge our failing and strive to be imperfect allies, we commit to supporting others, as they do the same.
  • We are dedicated to embracing, engaging, and expanding the humans who run voice-related businesses, to bring maximum impact and intention to every income stream we touch.
  • We know that humans are not monoliths and that a statement of support does not imply that all people within these groups feel the same, believe the same, or want the same outcomes. We refuse to lump people into belief systems based on their identity.
  • We commit to backing these company values in three ways:
    • Hiring team members, speakers, and independent contractors that are part of underrepresented, misrepresented, and/or historically erased people groups.
    • Spending at least 30% of our overall budget on companies run by women, LGBTQIA+/Queer, and/or non-white humans.
    • Regularly review language on our site and in our programs. We understand language changes quickly. We understand we are in a cultural season of learning new ways to express new ideas. If there is a way to use language to uplift and honor the individual we choose to do that.