Getting Clients to Understand why Paying for Professional Coaching is Worth Every Penny

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I was on a forum and someone was asking if working with a business consultant or coach was worth it.

Later that SAME DAY, another conversation I was in was based around if “getting a vocal coach” was worth it.

And AGAIN, the next day – group text with some small business friends – “Is getting a marketing agency worth it?”

What ensued, each time, was a thread/conversation of people speaking of the teachers, coaches, organizations, or programs that they had paid for, seen little results with, and saying “no, it’s not worth it.”

Have you seen the same thing happen around voice lessons, music programs, life coaching, body workers, and other “get better at a thing” services? I feel like I see it a lot!

Enough to talk about it, at least.

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Reactions to “is [insert helper person] worth it?”

My first reaction is to be curious about the capacity of the client.

I’ve been around long enough to know that a teacher or coach can work and work and work with a client and if that client isn’t able (or willing!) to show up and invest the time and energy it takes for them to get where they want to go, then it will never matter how amazing the coach/program/teacher is.

I’ve also been around long enough to know that people reallllly want a quick fix, and believe that throwing money at a problem will fix it, not realizing that unless they are hiring a done for you service, nothing changes until they do.

AND I’ve been around SO LONG that I’ve had singers tell masterclass teachers that they didn’t know where their diaphragm or larynx was, even though that had only been discussed 2375886150 times in our lessons. (Have you had this happen? IT IS AWFUL. And the whole room looks at you like you’re the idiot. Jeez. JUST AWFUL. Anyway, I digress…)

My second reaction is to want to run in there and defend my own experience.

Yup, every single voice teacher, life coach, business consultant, therapist, etc that I’ve ever worked with who has been indispensable. I SHALL FIGHT FOR THEE! They gave me the right tools at the right time. Because of this, I was able to change myself and my business to be more in alignment with what I wanted my life to be. And I know this stuff WORKS and saw incredible return on investment.

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My third reaction is to be DOWN RIGHT ANGRY at the amount of times people are being oversold and underserved by people who call themselves coaches and are really just regurgitating a system they were taught and had a small level of success with. ARGGGHHHHH!

I get HOT when I see high pressure sales tactics enacted poorly by business “coaches” selling a system. Then people who really need some specific, guided help are convinced to spend $3000 on something THAT WILL NOT WORK because THAT IS NOT WHAT IS NEEDED IN THE FIRST PLACE.

This puts a bad taste in peoples mouth about all service industries in general, so people then think all us teachers and coaches are “not worth it”.

The fire of a thousand suns is not as hot as my rage at this.

And my fourth reaction is to jaguar jump up into a tree. I like to zoom out, take a gander at the surrounding landscape, and then create something to help you.

I wrote up some points on why getting a voice teacher, a coach, or consultant is worth it.

My hope is the following can be used by YOU to talk to your potential clients about why what you do is worth it.

Because what you offer IS WORTH IT – especially to those who actually have been underserved and oversold by The Shitty Ones.

For every time you see “coach or consultant” below mentally insert the word for who you identify as. A lot of this will ring very true for singers, coaching clients, musicians – folks who need you.

Why Paying for Coaching/Teaching/Etc is “Worth It.”

  • A coach or consultant shows you that you aren’t alone and making up all the hard things. Being a small business owner, running a sole proprietorship, being a singer/performer feels like being a lone wolf, figuring this all out on your own. It’s a lonely scramble of the constancy of marketing and auditioning, competition for gigs and clients, financial management, the economy going bonkers, and all the things you need to do to make ends meet. It stinks to feel alone. Coaches STICK WITH YOU in the hardest times – as a reminder that you AREN’T alone, and that other’s have been there, and they will help YOU get through, too.
  • A coach or consultant can provide you with the essential training and information that is often overlooked but is invariably crucial to tackling the challenges that come up. Their expertise and knowledge span across various facets of running a business, or becoming great at what you do.
  • A coach or consultant is a solid support system helps you develop the skills essential for managing yourself as both the creator within your business AND the manager of the business, which allows long term growth.
  • A coach or consultant reduces your need to make all the decisions yourself. Be it strategic planning, marketing, finance, or human resources, a coach or consultant should be well-equipped to either advise you on a direction to go, or to get you outta your own head so that you can move forward with decisions, reducing decision fatigue.
  • A coach or consultant brings fresh, external perspective, cushioned in trust. When you’re deeply involved in your art/business, it’s easy to lose sight of the bigger picture. You might get caught up in the day-to-day operations and miss out on identifying potential areas of improvement. A coach or consultant can identify areas for personal and professional growth, spot inefficiencies in technique or processes, and suggest innovative solutions or functional exercises that you might not have considered.
  • A coach or consultant brings accountability to your desired outcomes. They can help you set clear, measurable goals for your business and hold you close and remind you to reach them. This aspect of accountability can be particularly beneficial if you’re neuro-spicy, prone to procrastination, or if you find it challenging to stay focused on your objectives amidst the multitude of tasks that making a living entails.
  • A coach or consultant can be a gateway to a wealth of resources and tools that can streamline your processes and boost productivity. They introduce you to new business practices and technologies, provide you with valuable insights and data, and connect you with other professionals in your industry. This exposure can be invaluable in keeping yourself up-to-date and relevant.
  • A coach or consultant fast tracks all the things. The projects you have to complete anyway. The money you’re going to spend anyway. The time you’re going to spend anyway. Getting better at ANYTHING is going to cost you time, money, and brain space. You can do this the long, slog, search-for-free-stuff on the internet way, spending your money by way of sweat, tears, and reduced profitability, OR you can invest in getting better and still have sweat and tears, but at least make more money while you are doing it! 😆
Return On Investment (ROI) graphs and pie charts

You Don’t Have to Take My Word For It

Want some more data to convince you? Search these articles/studies:

  1. “The Value of Business Coaching” by the International Coaching Federation (ICF) – This study highlights the significant positive impact of business coaching on the success of entrepreneurs and small business owners.
  2. “The Influence of Entrepreneurship Education on Beliefs, Attitudes and Intentions: A Meta-Analytical Review” by Liñán, Fayolle – This research emphasizes the importance of entrepreneurship education on shaping positive entrepreneurial attitudes and intentions, thereby affecting the success rate of businesses.
  3. “The Role of Business Consultants in Small Firms’ Strategic Planning” by Chris Street, Tim Farrington – This study discusses the significant role business consultants play in the strategic planning of small businesses, which is often a challenge for entrepreneurs trying to do everything on their own.

Each of these resources conclude that those who seek external advice and assistance, be it from a business coach, consultant, teacher, or mentor, are more likely to succeed in their endeavors. We professionals offer valuable insights, strategies, and tools that can help business owners and artists manage their operations more effectively and efficiently. We provide fresh perspective, identify areas of improvement, suggest innovative solutions, and assist with strategic planning and decision-making.

These resources speak of how a coach or consultant can provide accountability, how we help set clear, measurable goals and hold our clients accountable for achieving them.

And in my opinion, these resources could have been specifically written for teachers, coaches and those who aren’t business specific and still be accurate.

But we knew that.

The next time someone you come into contact with insists that hiring you as a coach or teacher isn’t “worth it”, I invite you to come back to THIS resource to remind yourself how truly valuable what you do is.

And, if in trying to figure out your own business, you realize it’s time for you to get a coach, consultant, or teacher to increase your growth potential, we hope you’ll think of us.

Engaging a teacher, coach or consultant provides a prioritized, balanced, structured, and efficient approach to life and business management. It ensures all aspects of your inner and outer world receive the attention, expertise, and resources it deserves for optimal growth and success.

I see you, and I KNOW that what you got is gonna be paramount to the arts as we continue to move forward in a healing but tricky 2024 economy.

You’re a BeastyBoss,

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