All I Really Need to Know About Life I Learned From Doing Paint-by-Number

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  1. This sh*t is harder than it looks
  2. Start at the top and work your way down
  3. Do the lighter parts first so the darker parts can cover past mistakes
  4. Focus on completing small sections at a time – resist the urge to jump around
  5. Take breaks, as you’ll get a headache
  6. Inevitably, someone is going to knock the table and cause a mess
  7. Deal with the mess before you deal with the person who made it
  8. If things get goopy, add some water
  9. Switching through the proper tools frequently seems inefficient but winds up saving time and resources
  10. Wet paint is fixable, dry paint is fixed – plan accordingly
  11. Choose crumb-less snacks
  12. Being in the red is more difficult than being in the black
  13. There are no mistakes, just shifted expectations
  14. There will always be those who insist on instructing you about things they have never actually done
  15. People close to you will critique your work because they are mad at themselves for saying no when you asked them if they wanted to be a part of it
  16. Some of this is very boring
  17. The right brush for the job isn’t always the easiest one to use
  18. Have the plan nearby to refer to
  19. Delicate work allows precision
  20. This will take much, much more time than has been allotted

And Scene.

Have a great weekend!

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