How the Sunk Cost Fallacy is Keeping You Down

by | Feb 3, 2019

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Your best work is not behind you.

It is in front of you. 


Your best self wasn’t in college, or grad school, or DMA program, or at yesterday’s workshop.

Your intelligence, wit, selflessness, and gobsmacking amazingness didn’t end when you got a diploma or your first student or created your first offer or led your first retreat. NOPE. Just the contrary.


What is the sunk cost fallacy?

Sunk Cost Fallacy is what happens when you care more about avoiding feelings of loss than you care about doing what you must in order to thrive.

It’s the sneakiest form of scarcity mindset I’ve yet to encounter. It disguises itself as wisdom while in reality is vile self-preservation.

It’s when you continue to invest your energy, time, and money in something even though you don’t want it anymore because you feel that if you let go of it, you would be wasting all the energy, time, and money you have already spent.

And that HURTS. It feels like grief, loss, and stupidity. It has been conditioned in us to think that we are somehow stupid to allow ourselves to lose something.

Why? Because we fear lament. And that loss of lament is wounding our ability to take care of ourselves.

I dare you to make decisions based on what you stand to gain, not what you stand to lose.

Sink your energy, time, and money into what will grow you ~ not slow you.

How’s THAT for a call to best self?

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