by | Feb 24, 2016

Funny/not funny thing about courage:

It only exists in the context of fear. And, it can only be defined by the one exhibiting it, much like failure can only be defined by the person experiencing it.


Courage is that extraordinary place where love kisses fear.

When love comes close to fear, it doesn’t deny fear its presence, or power. Love doesn’t smack, or push, or bulldoze. Love is patient with fear. Kind with it.

It takes its time. Prepares. Moves with intent and care. Love takes fear’s hand, and says, “You belong here too, because you are real, and true, and full of potential.”

Fear stands tall, shaking maybe, but tall. And it speaks some very real truths about failure, and heartbreak, and rejection, and loss.

Fear creates caution, and space for wisdom.

When love kisses fear, love changes fear from an enemy to an ally, and in doing so, creates courage.

So the next time you are scared out of your mind to:

  • put yourself out there
  • create a new workshop
  • sing some new rep
  • learn a new genre
  • take over that choir
  • start that youth theater
  • ask for help from a colleague
  • run that marathon
  • start that business
  • get that next degree
  • call that casting agent

Love more. And let yourself fear more.

Then let love and fear kiss, and make courage.

It doesn’t get easier. But it does get more familiar.

And being familiar with courage makes you extraordinary.

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