Why You Struggle to Become a Confident Voice Business Owner

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Are You Asking Permission or Forgiveness in your Voice Studio?

Okay, folks, time for the truthiness. The truth about how we make confident decisions and walk in the world. The truth about asking permission instead of forgiveness.

Voice teachers that now have a business are stuck in a pattern.

We’ve been conditioned to ask permission. To beg for a place to stand.

From our own voice lessons experiences, to the audition scene, to hustling for a gig, all we’ve ever done with our voice is ask permission to use it.

  • “Was that okay?”
  • “Can I really sing this?”
  • “Will you book me?”
  • “Is that phrase right?”
  • “Is the part mine?”
  • “Do you think I am good enough for…”

It’s an endless cycle of “please love me” for the sake of “making a living”.

No more, peeps.
You run a business now. The time for permission asking is over.
It’s time to ask forgiveness.
You, quite literally, cannot afford it.

– Michelle markwart deveaux

It’s time for you to step up to yourself and do what you already know needs to be done.

You know the things I am talking about.

Start taking action toward your success and become a confident voice business owner

What are you waiting for? What are you scared of? Pissing someone off?

Well, you can’t control that. You can’t control what anyone thinks of you, or how they feel. And trying to manage another person’s feelings is rude and disrespectful.

Which I know you are 100% not.

Before you argue with me about not wanting to hurt people’s feelings and step on toes, re-read the paragraph just before this one. I’ll wait.

We don’t go around Hulk-Smashing our way through the world. Duh.

And when we do accidentally step on toes in the midst of being awesome and BeastyBoss, we own that shiz. We apologize and we make it right.

We ask forgiveness.

What is it going to take for this switch to flip? Where can you move from waiting in the wings to stepping into the spotlight?


We are coming up on Quarter 4. You’ve got three more months of this year to transition from hope to happening.

We can’t sing on hope. We can’t run a business on hope.

We sing with intention. We run a business with intention.

– Michelle Markwart Deveaux

It’s your time. I’ll be over here, waiting to forgive you.

You don’t need my permission.

All My BeastyBoss,

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Michelle Markwart Deveaux

Michelle Markwart Deveaux (124)

As CEO of FaithCultureKiss Studios, LLC, I lead underestimated humans through the personal and professional development needed to create successful solo and team-based businesses.

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