Winter is Over. Now what?

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Happy Spring! Winter is Over. Now what? When things come to an end, how do you move on?

(Well, to be fair, it’s supposed to be over, anyway. By the weather, it seems this may not be so true.)

Easter, Passover, Vernal Equinox, Nowruz, Holi. These events in our cultural calendar signal it’s time to move on. To grow. They are events centered around sacrifice, danger, and triumph. They focus on pain and renewal. Forgiveness and newness.

I am always a bit melancholy when Winter is over.

Confronted by the aches and pains of bursting through to new life. The creation of new things is difficult.

Annoyed over the mud that melting ice creates. The moving on is messy.

I am blue over the loss of comfort. The casting off of cozy blankets and warm stews, removing slippers, and replacing smoldering fires with breezes, and exposed limbs, and sweat.

Each year, as I come out from hibernation, my heart-muscles stretch wide open like baby-limbs after a long nap. I feel that stretch, and notice the pains caused by the stillness. I question.

“When things come to an end, how do I move on?”

I just do. Not flippantly, or unintentionally. Moving on becomes the reality of time passing regardless of my readiness for it to do so. And you do too. And oh my oh, there’s just SO EFFING MUCH to move on from.

This Spring, there is some new thing in you trying to press fragile blades though snow. It’s been in there a while, hasn’t it? You’ve been in think-mode. You’ve been hibernating with an idea-baby. Pregnant with possibility.

Perhaps this new thing is letting go of a belief that needs to released. An old way of doing business needs to change. A way of viewing clients, money, other teachers, systems or tech or rules?
It’s time to give the idea some light. Air it out. Would you please break out of the cocoon and get all butterfly and sh*t? Thank you.

Pick your metaphor, doesn’t matter what it is.

What matters is that you say goodbye to the hibernation of your thoughts and make room for a Springing of the next stage of your business; your life.

What matters is that on this Passover and Palm Sunday weekend, you think critically about your business(life), and:

  1. Let die what needs to die
  2. Protect what deserves protecting
  3. Resurrect any good and right and noble and true thing that has been dead
  4. Make some room for the mess of the process

Happy Spring, my dear friends! I can’t wait to see what is about to grow. And I can’t wait to tend the garden. Winter is over. And it’s time to begin, anew.

All my warmth and sunshine, I send to you. May the messy mud of your melted ice be full of nutrients!

Multiply Your Talents,

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