Beyond Posture: How to Use the Alexander Technique Process in Everyday Activities

Alexander Technique is often thought of as a way to “correct posture.” But did you know you can use the process for everyday activities – such as typing at the computer, washing dishes, and even dealing with stressful situations? In this introduction to the Alexander Technique, Amy Mushall and Dr. Colleen Jennings share new possibilities and strategies to apply to your everyday activities. (Bring your phone!)

VCB: Voice Image: A New Paradigm for Voice Identity

In this presentation, Dr. Bethany Turpin presents her research on Voice Image, a new paradigm she is developing to help us understand how about how we think about our own voices. In addition to presenting this research, Bethany will also facilitate a discussion about voice identity. This is aimed at voice teachers and singers who want to understand their relationship to their own voices and to understand how students might relate to their voices.