Finessing Your Feedback!

If you’re familiar with adjudicated singing events, you know: there’s an art to composing meaningful written feedback in response to a singer’s performance. This VCB will help you craft comments that inspire trust and articulate your point in terms that make practical sense so that you can offer feedback from a place of honesty and empathy.

When Technique and Rep Aren’t Doing the Trick

What do you do when your student’s performances just aren’t connecting, even with great technique and the perfect song choices? Join Popular Music Specialist and Creativity Coach Jess Baldwin to explore some coaching techniques that can help your popular music clients connect to themselves, their inner artist, and their audience for a greater impact.

VCB: Canciones Mexicanas: Incorporating Mexican Art Song in Your Studio

Typically, even as Spanish language music makes its way into the western classical canon, it is predominantly European Spanish. With this presentation, see some of the history behind Mexican vocal music and be encouraged to add this beautiful repertoire to your studio. This VCB is perfect for the teacher looking to expand their repertoire offerings beyond the top 24 Italian hits and feel confident about assigning music from Mexico.