Practicing Sales Conversations

Come and practice your sales scripts! We will take 90 minutes to role-play sales conversations so that you can see in real-time what to say, when to say it, and how to present your offers. Bring your offers to explain to the group. Then, choose if you’d like to sell to Michelle, or have Michelle sell to you! Participants will walk away with new questions to ask, several ways to handle objections around things like commitment and cost, and newfound confidence in laying out their amazingness. Come ready to laugh, learn, and language!

Tuesday Training: Copy Clarity

A thing you’ve heard Christin say 8, 247 times:
Writing your own copy is like labor, only it takes longer and hurts worse.
But the truth is, it usually feels that way because we haven’t asked ourselves the right questions before diving in. In this quick, quirky presentation, we’ll chat about WHAT you’re trying to say, HOW you might wanna say it, and most importantly, WHY you’re saying it at all…so that you can skip the jabber and speak right to your client’s heart.