Masterclasses customized for your thriving studio

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  • 30 minute “Hey whattcha want?!” call for you and I to hone in what you’d like to see in the class, where you think I can bring the best to your students, and any expectations you have for the class
  • Each student brings their “Most Annoying 60 seconds” -whether it’s part of a song, or a monologue, we work what each participant wants another set of ears on.
  • Each student fills out a short form letting me know what they want from their 20 minutes and what they’d like to be different by the end of their time.
  • Introduction and ice-breaking to bring maximum comfort for growth
  • Q&A! We always wanna know why a teacher does what they do! Let’s talk about it!
  • Follow Up Call with YOU the teacher:
    • Anything ya wanna clarify
    • Two weeks of email follow-up for students to get further clarification.
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Sample timeline:

15 minutes intro and welcome 23 minutes times four or six (20 minutes working with participants, three minutes transition times)

30 minute Q&A (this is the best part!)

5 minute goodbye!


You choose:

140 minutes and four participants OR 180 minutes and six participants

Either option is:


Not sure which one to choose?


  • How big is your studio?
  • How long do your students pay attention?
  • How hungry are YOU for feedback?
  • How many participants and auditors to you expect to attend?
  • What kind of exclusivity do you want for the participants?

What Now?

1. Choose your best fit, let me know your choice, by email.
2. I’ll send you a link to my calendar, and you’ll begin by scheduling your teacher session. In this session, we will pick a date and time for our Masterclass offer, and book our follow up call.
3. I’ll send over the link to the Student Form. Have them fill it out within a week of our Masterclass.
4. You’ll receive two invoices.
~ You’ll make Two Payments. Half at the booking, the other half at time of service. 
5. We do the thing!
6. We have our follow up call and you walk away supported and clear!

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What are the deets about working with you, Michelle?, and what can my expectations be? What are the policies surrounding this? HOW DOES THIS WORK?!?

Please read these juicy bits, then check the plain English version of the terms & conditions of our working together. -When you visit my site, by/or any URL associated with it, you are saying “Yes! TOTALLY!” to the terms and conditions. -When you pay for stuff, through the linked Acuity scheduler, PayPal or Stripe, I never see your financials.


  • Don’t be an asshat: My stuff is mine. Your stuff is yours. If you use my stuff to do illegal or even unethical shenanigans, I reserve the right to send you away forever and tell my lawyer about you. Also, don’t steal my intellectual property and pass it off as your own – but honestly, if I thought you would, you wouldn’t have made it this far.
  • No recordings please. If you would like to record and reuse, we can discuss what that licensing would look like.
  • Payments/Refunds: There are no refunds, unless extreme illness or death. Payments are due upon receipt of invoice.
  • We can reschedule one time, just in case something comes up!
  • You should read through all the other boring but juicy bits. It’s THEE way to make all the unicorns happy.

Read Here:
Terms and Conditions
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