How To Run Your Studio Without Hating Your Boss: Packages

with Michelle Markwart Deveaux

One voice coaching client has to scoot out early. Another has to reduce lessons to accommodate an audition schedule.

Each time it happens, you see a counter in your head showing how money much you’re losing.

You’re browsing local entertainment news on the web and one of your short-term clients is the lead in an upcoming show. Later, he gives you a call to thank you for your help.

You smile and wonder how far he will go because of your teaching. Pangs of guilt creep up when you realize he invested little but reaped benefits he can’t share.

But aren’t you doing this because you love voice work more than the money?

More Money, More Problems


That call comes just after a long-term coaching client leaves. She’s young and ambitious, but she needs more help.

You try to craft the right email to let her know she will have to extend her lessons.

Sure. You’re pocketing more cash, but the results aren’t the same.

You’re convinced your voice coaching lessons aren’t worth the money. Deep down, you wonder if your prices are too high.

This is how it feels to base your worth on a dollar sign.

You check your bank account online more than you read up on marketing your business.

Once you start to obsess over how to stretch your next paycheck, you suffer. Your voice coaching business suffers. You don’t get ahead.

The Power of the Value-Based Package


This downward “feast or famine” cycle ends today. Today you’re one step closer to charging exactly what you’re worth.

Value-based packages will simplify and organize your voice coaching business’ marketing plan. There are no complicated hourly calculations, so there’s no need to worry about cancellations or short appointments.

You’re focused on delivering value – that includes tangible, quantifiable results – to your client and not on whether to bill the client for 1.5 lessons or 2.


The XXXX Webinar:


This detailed bootcamp (seminar?) will teach you how to:

Create value-based packages and move away from hourly pricing

Recognize the difference between packages and tuition-based models

Focus your goals on what you want the client to achieve

Confidently market to your ideal clients

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In this webinar, you’ll understand the tips to fulfilling your voice coaching dreams and getting paid fairly,

Clients will get so much more than simple voice lessons. They’ll get a suite of services tailored to their needs.

Giving 100% of your time and attention won’t be a burden.

Your next sigh will be a peaceful one. Cash is no longer a concern. The quality of your service reigns, and you’ll be a better coach for it.

Here you may want to offer a refund policy of some sort. Maybe show that results aren’t guaranteed but they’ll learn something powerful.

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Who the Heck Am I?


(Bio information to lead into the “I” statements)

I won’t share my life story for 30 minutes, then dedicate the rest of the webinar to fluff content and a big sales pitch.

Those aren’t legit and you can smell it a mile away.

You will receive a workbook to:

Help you define your client’s goals
Evaluate your current services and pricing
Create value-based packages tailored to your skill set and client needs
Plus: Q&A time will not be about my latest product launch. I will answer your questions about pricing for voice coaches live and in real time.

I will not waste your time. You’re going to get to work.

And the next time you hear about a client “making it big,” you can beam with pride and remember you were worth the time and money.

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