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The ‘How’ of Teaching: Using Mainstream Techniques in the Singing/Voice Studio with Pippa Goss

This VCB will delve playfully into teaching techniques, which are well researched and widely accepted as good practice in educational settings up and down the land. We we look at how to adapt and apply them to our own teaching and learning environment in the singing/voice studio. The presentation will use some slides interspersed with discussion and participation.

1) Getting the meta-cognition gears going: the Snowball Game “What are you curious about today?” Discussion question: “How could you use this game in your teaching/learning setting?”

2) Singing for Gist: (this is taken from the idea of Reading for Gist) skimming or scanning a song for gist is a very different skill compared to singing with detail. We will use a familiar song as a practical example of skimming to pick out different information and discuss why this might be useful at various stages of the learning journey.

3) Scaffolding: ideas for how we might put up the scaffolding – AKA use teacher guidance – and when to start taking it down.

4) Chunking: this is about breaking learning down into smaller, more digestible chunks, so that singers are not overwhelmed with multitasking. We might explore how chunking could be used for singing exercises or embedding a particular technique.  Great for helping singers learn how to practice outside the studio.

5) Using Questioning to think about thinking: ideally, we want our students to be doing the thinking and the hard work during lessons! They learn more this way (and we get to sit back, hurrah). We want them to understand their own learning process so they can replicate it on their own, without us. We will look at and discuss how to frame questions which will encourage singers to reflect on and deepen their learning, touching on questioning techniques and ‘cold calling’ in class/group settings.

6) Bloom’s Taxonomy: we will look at a practical example of how we can apply Bloom to a specific aspect of singing. Followed by a discussion on how we might expand this to other areas of singing or performing technique. I will finish up by setting everyone the task of picking one of the above, applying it to an aspect of their teaching and then creating a short activity for their student. They can then explain to the group what they’ve come up with. Bloom’s Taxonomy in action! End with discussion/questions.


Tuesday, Nov 21, 2023


1:00 am - 2:00 am

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  • Timezone: America/New_York
  • Date: Tuesday, Nov 21, 2023
  • Time: 4:00 am - 5:00 am

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