VIP Room 2020

A masterfully curated year long intentional community coaching and mastermind program that takes you from “I know I can” to “look what I did.”

Be forewarned:

This dining room does not serve up information.

You have a lot of information. Especially if you’ve been in SECO for some time.

This, however, is the back room of The SpeakEasy Cooperative.

It is a white tablecloth virtual experience of vision, implementation, and sharing the table with only ten powerful and unique voice-related business owners.

The VIP ROOM Experience is available to those interested in a small dedicated cohort of voice related business owners whose number one desire is to grow.

Grow minds.
Grow hearts.
Grow self-nurturing.
Grow revenue.

The BeastyBoss framework is what guides SECO, How to Run Your Voice Biz, and now, The VIP Room Experience:

The VIP Room is where these elements go from theory to practice.

The VIP Room is the response to the SECO members who have their minds on the next leap.  


The VIP Room is the right leap for you if:

  • You know there is something big that is next. Your studio is moving and grooving, and there is an additional business or revenue stream that is waiting for you. 
  • You have a sense that you know what to do and now you need accountability and encouragement, and savvy support to get it done.
  • You’ve got specific questions, not theoretical ones.
  • You are hungry for interaction that challenges and soothes when you have high stakes decisions.
  • You’re ready to create the future of your business network.
  • The idea of the Batline red phone in the commissioner’s office makes you very happy.

The VIP Room is where you get a Five-Course meal.

The VIP Room is the place where all the best parts of the buffet are set out for you in meticulous fashion, while the maitre’d knows exactly what to serve you when you aren’t sure what to serve yourself.


The SpeakEasy Cooperative’s VIP Room is designed to give you the best of what we offer in a consistent, flexible format. I designed it by examining the data around what has brought the most results for clients like you.

What’s on the menu:


Facilitated Mastermind Sessions


Group Coaching Sessions


Co-Working Hours


Private Coachings


Guest Speakers


Private Dining Room: Slack Workspace

And for dessert?

Live Event

The VIP Room is open for collaboration several times each month:

Most Thursdays from January 9, 2020 to December 17, 2020 @ 9:00am Pacific are the dedicated days and hours I’ve reserved for our time together. This is when the table is set and the bubbly is poured.

As with all fine establishments, there will be closures due to holidays, rest, and recuperation.

I would love to see you each time we are open.

I also know that you need to do what you need to do, so if we don’t see you, that’s fine. It’s wise to take a break when you are full.

You will know a month or more in advance what to expect.

When the VIP Room is open, you will take part in one of these experiences:

Mastermind* Sessions (MMG’s):

A facilitated time of problem solving from members of the group to one another. If you’ve never experienced the power of a mastermind, be ready for an experience that will delight your palate. Each member will hold the head of the table seat and, guided by Michelle, receive feedback from the other VIP’s. that you absorb and act on. Each hot seat participant will receive feedback on the question they choose to bring to the table. This will be recorded, and Michelle will whiteboard your process, so all you have to do is sit, receive, and grow.


Group Coach Sessions (GC’s):

Gather with fellow VIPS’s together and have Michelle or one of the team address your questions in an office hours style meet-up. You’ll have an opportunity to ask specific direct questions of the team and gather golden nuggets of information from your fellow VIP’s questions that propel you forward in personal development and whatever business development you choose to pursue.


Co-Working Hours:

Time set aside to sit in a virtual room together and knock out that email sequence, or first draft of a sales page, or enter those receipts (finally). If you’ve been hesitant or, let’s really call it, OBSTINATE about doing the work you know you need to do, these sessions will be a boon to you.

The MMG’s and GC’s will be recorded and available on the faithculturekiss website, or links will be provided in the workspace.

Guest Speakers

(hand-selected Guest Chefs) will be invited in to prepare special meals for us. These learning opportunities will be catered to our cohort’s needs and will include wireframing and copy, marketing for micro-businesses, financial preparedness, and tools on moving past Upper Limiting.

When the VIP Room has its lights dimmed, you can satisfy your appetite with:

Private Coaching.

We all have those quick questions that just a few moments of inspired attention will solve. Sit back and allow Michelle and/or her team to refill your glass. You will have access to micro-coaching sessions. You can experience this via Voxer, for asynchronistic coaching or book a 30-minute laser session. We’re all trying to finish our meals and enjoy our lives. Allow the team to jump on a five-to-fifteen minute call, get tagged in Slack, offer some feedback, then move on with your day. We trust that you won’t grab extra rolls or slip silverware in your purse.

Slack Workspace (not just a channel):

Open the red velvet curtains and find an area of SECO that is curated by the team, rather than by the group-at-large.
You’ll receive a special link to a new Slack Workspace dedicated to our cohort alone. In this Dining Room, the channels will be based around you and your needs.
Each VIP will commit to checking this Slack Workspace several times a week and passing the butter when necessary.

All 5 star Dining experiences come with a flavorful finish:

The Live Event will take place in beautiful Northern California and occur October 3-4, 2020. While travel/lodging will be up to you, your meals, mojo, and 2020 review and 2021 planning session will be provided.

Your Michelin star rated experience starts with a zoom call with Michelle. 

We need to know your hopes, your fears, your commitment, and you need to know our commitment to you, what the investment is, and if you’re going to be a good fit for this program.