How to Run Application

This application is to show us where and how the H2RA Program is a good fit for you, your business, and your goals.

The 2021 Program is in full swing - yet you can apply now for the 2022 Cohort, which will begin in February or March of 2022 - we are still waiting to see what 2022 looks like.

It's a ten-month program that will cover everything from your ideal client, to business model, to marketing, to branding, and more.

In order to be sure this is the right for for your needs, take me through what your business looks like now. If you don't have answers, don't worry, tell us so! Non-answers give us a lot of information on how to support your needs.

Don't think too hard or long, give me your gut responses, and what your policies are off the top of your head.

Set aside 20-30 minutes to complete this application, please.

Once we've received and reviewed your application, myself or one of my team will reach out with next steps! This may include a Zoom call to confirm details.

We are thrilled you are here!

Tell us all the places you've learned about us!