Since joining SECO at the start of the year, in six months I’ve achieved more in my business than I’d ever have imagined. I’ve expanded and grown in what I offer to my clients over and above 1:1 lessons; and also in how I feel about what I’m able to offer – I’m definitely a better teacher, thanks to the expertise that is so generously and openly shared between other members. And I’m far, far better at running my business too, thanks to Michelle’s coaching, the H2R course and the regular training sessions – I’ve put so many systems in place that I now spend a lot more of my time doing the things I love to do (and a lot less of it on the heart-sinky stuff like admin and invoices!)

The real beauty of SECO for me however, has been getting to know the nicest bunch of people – who freely share their wisdom, intelligence, knowledge and good humour every day, on anything and everything related to the voice. To have found a group that shares my passion for the voice, and for teaching it, has been invaluable. It’s a fantastic community of experts where I feel supported, encouraged and inspired as I keep learning. Thanks to SECO, I’m excited about the future and what can be achieved, not just by me but by the voice community as a whole.