Before I joined SECO, I was missing professional guidance of how to run my voice studio. I am trained to be a singer and voice teacher, but not a business owner. I took classes and read a lot, but most information was not related to my field and it was hard to apply my learning to “How to run a voice studio business”.

When I started to coach with Michelle and attended SECO’s group classes, this all changed. I went from business overwhelm to excitement of running my own voice biz. The exchange with other voice teachers helps me to see how my studio and my teaching are different from other teachers, so that I can communicate this better to my clients. I have learned how to run my business aligned with my values serving the clients I can help best and love to work with, saying “no” to be able to say “yes” to what I really care for in my business. I have learned how to take brave steps forward instead of hiding because of being afraid. I am grateful for these experiences and my studio, my students and my family benefit from it.