So you’ve lost your motivation? Try this.

by | Aug 7, 2020

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Three examinations to revisit why we may not be moving on our tasks.

I’ve heard many folx say lately that they’ve lost motivation… or have they?

Motivation is too often associated with feelings of boredom, malaise, or meh-ness.

However, motivation has to do with reasons rather than feelings … the reason or reasons one has for acting or behaving in a particular way.

When you’ve found you’ve lost (ha! See what I did there?) your motivation?
You’ve most likely lost your reasons.

Perhaps the reasons are not clear? “I’m not sure what my goals are.” or “I’m not sure the next step to achieve my goal.”
Or not strong enough to incite change? “This task brings me no significant change, growth, or forward-moving progress – even over time.”
Perhaps we’ve forgotten the ultimate long term good that the temporary “to-do’s” will get us. “Setting up my email sequence that will get my potential clients to know me is boring.”

If we can’t clearly define our good reasons, then we risk losing motivation.

This is a GOLDEN opportunity. An opportunity to revisit and see if we are forcing our round pegs into square holes… OR… if we simply need to be reminded of our goals and their importance.

The next time you “lose motivation”, go back to your reasons.

If our reasons aren’t strong enough to get us into action, we can try these three self examinations:

  • Explore if the reasons may be borrowed beliefs – the dreaded “should” monster! Are the reasons we have our own or something that we’ve imposed upon ourselves based on someone else’s story?
  • Double-check if we’ve lost sight of the long term impact of what we are trying to get accomplished. Sometimes it’s difficult to see the connection of a micro-task with a macro-goal.
  • Get clear on if we are sure of our desired outcome
    • If we ARE sure of our desired outcome, then we can determine if we simply need guidance on the next step
    • If we are UNSURE of our desired outcome, then we can reach out for guidance on goal setting

Motivation is one of those buzz words that creep into the productivity-life-hack-be-your-best-self world often. And it’s accompanied with ideas of bootstrapping and discipline. Sometimes, this may be true.

There is a time and a place for a good old fashioned “suck it up, buttercup.”

More often than not, though, a gentle revisiting of our reasons will do far greater good to rejuvenate the motivation mojo than a shaming. Or, give us permission to let go of something that is no longer serving us.

What are some ways you can invite a remembering of reasons into your daily routine?

All my BeastyBoss,

P.S. Sometimes we need others to help us remember our reasons. If you’ve been curious about The SpeakEasy Cooperative, and how we do this collective remembering, I invite you to reach out at, and put “I want to know about SECO” in the subject line. We’d love to connect with you and be a place to examine and explore with you.

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