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We are in charge.

If there is something that doesn’t quite fit in the way our studio runs, we can change it.

We are in control.

We get to make the rules.

Here’s a fun game:

Write down all the things that make you want to stab your own face bug you about your studio.

Now write down the solutions. BIG OBNOXIOUS SOLUTIONS.
You know the ones. They seem impossible. They seem stupid. They make you sweat.

Don’t censor yourself. Go crazy. Think outside the box.

Oh look! You’ve got options! You’re a genius with a plan!

Not sure how to implement those options?
Get a business coach.
Join a MasterMind Group.
Throw caution to the wind and take a risk, dangit!


Your best studio is waiting for you right around the corner.


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  1. Karen

    Yikes…and wow….and yay….and oh boy.

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